Subnautica but Wheatley is in the seaglide.

Like this.

This is a series I did for a while in June-July of 2019. I had fun with it!
I never completed it, and I don't plan to now, but the images I made for it are all collected here.

Initial Aurora visit

The first image I made, possibly before deciding to make this an ongoing project.

Seamoth get

The PDA, after constructing a Moonpool:

"After weeks without human contact, it is normal to experience psychological discomfort.
Research indicates symptoms may be partly alleviated by adopting a pet, or anthropomorphizing an inanimate object."

This is the funniest joke here you can go home now

Sunbeam landing

Second Aurora visit

Abandoned Lifepod

Searching along the edge of the mushroom forest for cyclops parts.
At this point I had all the parts you can find the mushroom forest, but I didn't know that at the time oops.

Fun fact: that last one is actually a screenshot of a different lifepod.
Wheatglide mentions flares, but lifepod 4 doesn't have flares in it; it has the blueprint for a creature decoy. This is lifepod 6!
I must have either forgotten to take a picture of the inside of lifepod 4 before taking everything, or lost the picture I did take.
I don't know if there is or was anything for the inside of 4 or the discovery of 6,
but I originally had these four images presented as one scene, so that's how they are here!

Sea Emperor Leviathan Vision

Last Cyclops Part

Trip to the mountains biome to find the last cyclops part. No luck anywhere else.
I have alternate versions of some of these frames that I might add later. If I can figure out how to format them nicely.

--After waiting out the night and continuing--

Cyclops Get


I believe I stopped making these here.
If I find any more hidden somewhere, I'll be sure to put those up too,
but as far as I know this is it.
It ends here because Wheatley takes the cyclops and leaves and is never seen again.

If you can see the roots of characters like CoL and Tikken in this, then...
You're right. You caught me. Agh. My darkest secret.
I just like anxious cyclopses I guess.


Unknown Placement

Discovered leviathan Much Too Close to base (and promptly Moved Away).

He's right here, there's nothing on the far side of the Aurora except a whole lot of leviathans.

First test drive of the Cyclops (maybe), going directly into the dunes.
I don't remember the reason but I'm sure I probably had a good one probably.